Monday, August 12, 2013

New Year - New Bible Class Notebooks

Our schedule for our Bible classes at church correspond with the local public school schedule.  In other words, at approximately the same time that public schools start around here, our kids at church move up into the Bible class grade that corresponds with their school grade. The students in my K-1 class come into my class as a Kindergartner and remain until they've completed their First grade year.
So, my class has a 2 year curriculum. We study the Old Testament, chronologically for one year, then move to the New Testament for one year. 

At the beginning of each year, I make Lesson Sheet Notebooks for each student. Below are photos of the front cover and first few pages of our OT Lesson Sheet Notebooks for my K-1 class. Each lesson that is covered has a lesson summary, basically a review of the lesson in story form.  At the end of each class time, the students are given a lesson sheet to place in their Lesson Sheet Notebook.  These notebooks stay in the classroom for the entire year.  They do not go home with the kids. After completing our Old Testament study, (104 lessons later) the students are given their Lesson Sheet Notebooks to tak home with them. At this point they have a great summary of our study of the Old Testament which can be used as a bedtime story book or read to any younger siblings. After completing our Old Testament Study, we move into the New Testament and will make a Lesson Sheet Notebook for the New Testament.


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