K-1 Lesson Outlines General Info.

Around 20 years ago, the congregation that I worshiped and worked with decided to organize and put together our own set of Bible class lessons for our children. I was given that responsibility for the K-1 class.  I must say it was a monumental task for those of us who worked on it. It was a 2 year effort of writing and teaching at the same time, working hard to get 6 1/2 weeks worth of lessons written before the teacher came in to teach for that period. (Our lessons were written in  13 lesson groups or for a 6 1/2 week period.  Our teachers often stayed in to teach for 2 groups of lessons or 26 lessons, aka a quarter.)

At that time, I along with my co-teacher at the time, Denise Campbell, worked to further develop the lessons, adding bulletin boards, worksheets, visual aids, etc. to the lessons. Since then, Kim Boyd, another co-teacher has jumped in and is currently helping to update the materials and make the lessons more easily available to those who would like to use them in their congregation. All of the lessons on this blog as well as the worksheets and lesson sheets are free to use. Also, any bulletin board ideas or visual aid ideas that you see on this blog can be used free of charge.

These outlines are what I have taught from for the last 20 or so years with very little change.  The lessons are a 2 year chronological study of the Bible with 1 year, or 104 lessons covering the Old Testament and 1 year or 104 lessons covering the New Testament. The study is a continuous study going from Sunday to Wednesday to Sunday. (We do not have a different set of material that we use on Wednesday nite. We use the same set of lessons for both Sunday and Wed.) So, if Lesson 1 was taught on Sunday morning, Lesson 2 would be taught on Wed. evening, Lesson 3 on Sunday, etc.

I hope the materials that I have posted are beneficial to you.. The only thing I would ask is that you please give credit to me somewhere in the material. A simple, "thanks to Beverly Smith, Huntsville, AL, for use of this lesson material will be fine. If you've ever attempted anything like this, you understand how it can be disheartening to see someone else take your work as their own without recognizing the one who actually did the work.

The site will be continually updated so worksheets and visual aids will be posted as I am able to steal some time for posting.  Please bear with me if I'm not as fast as both you and I would prefer. Also, let me apologize in advance for the format being somewhat off in the outlines.  For some reason, and hopefully I will be able to figure it out, when I cut and paste my outline, it didn't all paste correctly so some of it is a bit off. 


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