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General Game Board:

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This game board can be used for reviewing various things such as vocabulary words, specific sections of study, character studies, judges, etc. It was designed on my computer using the website , then put on my flash drive and taken to Staples where it was printed to the size 18x24", placed on a foam board and laminated. The game has 2 sets of cards that will need to be made up for each area of specific material that you are reviewing. The sets of cards are the question cards and the wild cards. Each student starts on "Start" with their game piece and proceeds from there. Student #1 selects a card from the question pile. If they answer it correctly, they do what the card tells them to do such as move ahead 2 spaces. In addition to doing what the card tells them to do, if they land on a space that tells them to do something such as "move back 1 space", they do that first, then attempt to answer the question card and do whatever the question card tells them to do if they answer it correctly. If they don't answer it correctly, the card goes back to the bottom of the pile and student # 2 gets a turn.

Make up your own questions that go along with the specific material that you are covering. Also, on those questions, attach a value to getting the correct answer. These questions would go in the "Question stack" on the board. Example: Question: Who was the first king of Israel? Answer:  Saul  Value: Answer correctly and move ahead 2 spaces. You can also place the value of answering the some of the questions correctly as something like being able to select a wild card. For the Wild cards, have a lot of fun! The value placed on those cards can be things like - Move ahead 1 space, Trade places with anyone of the board, Send one person back 5 spaces, Select another question card, etc. The student who reaches "Finish" first is the winner.


I have used storyboards several times and the kids seem to really enjoy them.  If you make several for a particular series, such as Paul's journeys, they are great review boards that the kids can use as they come in to Bible class.  It's something that is self-contained, that they can easily work on by themselves while waiting for class to start.

They are simple to make.  The storyboards that I have made are just a basic review of a lesson in story form/ paragraph form with a word bank at the bottom of the page.  I make them on my computer, then copy it to a flash drive and take it to a copy center such as Staples or Office Depot and have them make a large copy of it onto poster board, then laminate it. Once it's laminated, the kids can use an "overhead transparency marker" to fill in the blanks. When they use the overhead transparency markers, they can be easily erased using wet wipes, then used over and over again. 



Friday, August 6, 2010

Juice Can Lid Bible Timeline

This is not original with me but I think it is one of the neatest ideas.  If I am remembering correctly, Jane Britnell, a Christian that we worshipped with at Gooch Lane in Madison, AL came up with this idea many years ago.  Since then, others have taken it and run with it.  It's simple.  Save the metal tops from the 12 oz. cans of frozen juice. Come up with various pictures to glue to one side of the lid. On the other side, place a small magnet. 

Ideas:  If you are studying the Old Testament in chronological order, come up with a picture to represent major happenings in the OT such as Creation, Noah's Ark, Abraham and the promises made to him, Jacob and his 12 sons, Joseph, etc.  You get the idea.  Then glue each picture, after it has been cut in a circle, to the juice can lid. On the opposite side, place a small magnet.  These are great for teaching the chronological order of things in the Bible. You can give each child a set and have them put the set in the correct order if you are using them in class.  They are great to use as a method of review.  They can also take them home and put them on their refrigerator so they can use them daily.

Some other uses:  When learning memory work like The 12 Sons of Jacob, The 12 Apostles, The Judges - sets can also be made to be sent home with the kids for their refrigerators.

I don't currently have a picture of a set, but will post one as soon as I have one.

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